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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday, November 16, 2014

they're painting the cups red

I can't quite well work these new red cups from Starbucks...
I'm finding my artistic/illustrative ability a bit challenged with this red background...

got any suggestions for the next drawing on a red cup?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Monday, November 10, 2014

writer's block: the wishing well

"There is a wishing well in the middle of the cobbled street,
make a left on Luna road until you reach the apple tree, then take a right, go all the way down that road and you'll see it standing still in front of your eyes" they said.

She went looking for it immediately,
nothing in her pockets but an old silver coin, a "centennial" her father had gave her on her 15th birthday; which was more than a decade ago.

She always had a firm walk and a fast pace as if she was in a hurry,
her short legs moved without even hesitating, she had already decided;
she was going to spend this anniversary coin on that one wish...
and never speak about it again until she saw it fulfilled.

This was 4 years ago, and still, nothing had happened.

She had wished for her true love to come back again;
listen closely; not for her true love to arrive...but to come back.
She already knew who that person was,
but maybe the wishing well didn't know that.

Days went by,
and all her past lovers came back,
each and every one of them appeared again in her life;
one of them brought by a storm on a dark night; 
another one came by day, she listened to him singing from outside the window, he was carrying wild flowers as well;
and the last one was a bit more shy; he started sending her love letters from afar; asking for her permission to visit, he wanted to ask for her hand...

But the one she thought was her true love never came.

Now it's been 20 years from that day,
and she still hopes to see him walking through the front door of her small house;
she sees him everywhere, but not at her door;
has she gone mad?

Was it even real when she had him?

She's starting to think it was all part of a dream,
maybe she imagined it all, 
maybe the wishing well couldn't find him for that reason,
maybe he never existed,
maybe it was all in her mind.

One day,
she woke up in tears,
she felt tired,
she couldn't take it anymore...
she had decided,
she went to the wishing well to die.

She climbed and sat on the side edge of the well,
looked down at the deep abyss awaiting her fall, 
and spoke her last words,
in a very low voice, she spelled his name;
and then she closed her teary eyes and let go of the edge.


A week later, a man knocked on the wooden door 3 times,
a pretty girl with braided hair and freckles on her rosy cheeks answered,
"excuse me, but I've been traveling for days in search of a girl I thought lived here,
her name is.." -and just before he finished, the girl started to cry; 
she knew who he was,
he recognized him from the pictures her sister used to keep; 
he was the love of his life, 
he had finally arrived.

Life is like that, isn't it? never know how soon is "soon"...

Sunday, November 9, 2014

writer's block: I always wan't what I can't have

I keep searching for the answers in the past,
I keep going back,
I keep falling into the same gaps...

..Past lovers,
past mistakes,
past laughs...
I live them all over again and again..
I keep searching for the answers in the past,
but why?

I can't go on,
not without one of them,
but why?

Do I love them all?
Do they love me at all?

I think I keep going back
because it makes me feel safe,
but back then it didn't feel like it.
only now, only now that I've lost it I want it..
I always want what I can't have...
I crave for what I've lost..

But do my answers lie with them?

I can't choose just one,
I can't satisfy my senses with just one,
I keep bouncing from one to another,
I'm talking about 5 different people already,
isn't that enough?

No, it's not,
and I know why...
because none of them is you,
none of them has what you have,
not even all combined at once can give me what you gave me once...

I don't need them,
I just need someone..
but not just someone..
I need you.

But I can't have you.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Monday, November 3, 2014

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

hoy es un buen dìa para morir

"today is a good day to die"
Dìa de Muertos

my anual homage to the Day of the Dead.


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